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Buy Viagra Without Prescription, I was an English major in college, so it goes without saying that I wrote quite a lot. Viagra reviews, Later, I joined with a theatre company in Phoenix, buy cheap Viagra, Viagra duration, where we produced nothing but original material - the fruit of our own labours. I wrote, where can i order Viagra without prescription, Viagra overnight, I don't know, maybe a dozen plays during my three years there, online buying Viagra hcl. Viagra from canadian pharmacy, Now, with this blog, effects of Viagra, After Viagra, I'm writing more, and more regularly, Viagra gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Generic Viagra, than I have in years.

Periodically over the years, Viagra used for, Viagra dosage, I've had to confront the question, "for whom am I writing?" For myself of course, ordering Viagra online, Viagra maximum dosage, but whom else. What I write only for myself never makes its way out of my journals, Buy Viagra Without Prescription. The rest of what I write is for sharing somehow, Viagra coupon, Viagra dose, but inevitably I have borrowed bits of other people's lives here and there, and I've had to ask myself what I have a right to share, Viagra trusted pharmacy reviews. Online Viagra without a prescription, I change names and details, of course, buy Viagra without a prescription, Viagra street price, but more often than not, my audience has included my sources themselves, Viagra results. Viagra online cod, Still, in narrative fiction or script-writing, Viagra long term, Viagra mg, a few small steps away from my own real life (and obviously theirs) seemed sufficent to satisfy them.

This is a bit different, Viagra pics. Buy Viagra Without Prescription, My blog is somewhere between a journal and a narrative. Viagra cost, My friends and family read this, and I struggle with the question of how much to reveal, order Viagra online overnight delivery no prescription, Online buy Viagra without a prescription, how truthful to be, whom to include, what is Viagra. Buy Viagra online no prescription, For one thing, maybe it's somewhat self-indulgent or narcissistic to lay everything out there, Viagra treatment. Where to buy Viagra, Maybe it's presumptuous to assume anyone else is interested. At the end of the day, purchase Viagra online no prescription, Doses Viagra work, however, this doesn't really bother me. If my life isn't interesting, then people won't read about it anyway, Buy Viagra Without Prescription.

In any case, I haven't laid it all out there. I occasionally creep a little closer, but fear stops me. I don't want to reveal anything about someone else that might make them angry. I don't want to reveal things about myself that might offend, or shock, or disappoint, or tarnish the image of myself I've carefully crafted and honed over the years ;-)

But fearful writing is boring writing, which is why I appreciate people like izzy.

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The movie I saw with D was called Closer Buy Cefadroxil Without Prescription, , written by Patrick Marber, directed by Mike Nichols and competently performed by Jude Law1, Julia Roberts2, Natalie Portman3 and Clive Owen4. Cefadroxil from canada, It had the feel of something that had been written for the stage, and indeed, Cefadroxil brand name, Where can i cheapest Cefadroxil online, I subsequently found out that Closer is Marber's screen adaptation of his own play. As such, Cefadroxil for sale, Purchase Cefadroxil, it reminded me of several plays I'd written in my twenties for the Unlikely Theater Company in Phoenix. Marber worked with the same subject matter, Cefadroxil canada, mexico, india, Cefadroxil without prescription, rendering it more skillfully. Just barely, buy no prescription Cefadroxil online, Fast shipping Cefadroxil, which is not to say my work was very skillful. His, however, was a few small steps above something banal and amateurish, Buy Cefadroxil Without Prescription. A handful of his lines were things I'd actually written myself - verbatim, buying Cefadroxil online over the counter. Buy Cefadroxil no prescription, The story followed two couples - well, four people who coupled in different configurations at various points in the story, is Cefadroxil safe. Cefadroxil schedule, It was about fidelity and forgiveness, selfishness vs, buy Cefadroxil from canada. Canada, mexico, india, self restraint. Buy Cefadroxil Without Prescription, It was about truth and lies in relationships and the relative value of each in various contexts. There were no redeeming characters, Cefadroxil dangers, Cheap Cefadroxil, and I walked out of the cinema feeling like I'd just spent my evening at a cocktail party chatting with a whole lot of people I couldn't stand.

At the same time, Cefadroxil price, Buy Cefadroxil online cod, it made me reflect a little on my own relationships and how hard it is to share life with someone. When I think about my own individual life, order Cefadroxil from United States pharmacy, Cefadroxil price, coupon, I would never go back and erase even the most difficult things I've been through, and I would never wish for a future without more trouble, my Cefadroxil experience. Rx free Cefadroxil, I don't wish for tragedy of course, but eternal unblemished happiness would become a different kind of unbearable lightness, Cefadroxil alternatives.

When it comes to relationships, it goes without saying that you can't stay in the honeymoon period forever, and a relationship would feel pretty insubstantial if you could, Buy Cefadroxil Without Prescription. Cefadroxil from mexico, It's just so goddam hard to endure unhappiness with another person.

Near the beginning of Closer, Cefadroxil description, Is Cefadroxil addictive, Jude Law's character kisses a photographer (Julia Roberts) while she's shooting the jacket photo for his book. Afterward, where can i buy Cefadroxil online, Cefadroxil australia, uk, us, usa, she asks him whether he's living with Alice, the girl on whom he based his novel's protagonist, Cefadroxil class. Order Cefadroxil no prescription, He tells her "yes", he is, taking Cefadroxil. Order Cefadroxil online c.o.d, She then asks him, in reference to the kiss they just exchanged, comprar en línea Cefadroxil, comprar Cefadroxil baratos, Cefadroxil blogs, "why are you wasting her time?"

I hate the idea of having wasted time, mine or anyone else's.

1 the overexposed2 the overexposed and overrated3 the beautiful and underutilised4 the nearly forgettable.

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Buy Protonix Without Prescription, I met D for lunch and a movie today. We've been exchanging phone calls, about Protonix, Protonix over the counter, but I hadn't actually seen her in about two months. I had nearly forgotten her disarming (to use a euphemism from the movie we saw) smile and the way it flickers between her eyes and mouth, Protonix no rx. Online buying Protonix, We ate at a Vietnamese restaurant called Mai, owned and staffed by Vietnamese, where can i buy cheapest Protonix online. Protonix pictures, We shared a pomelo salad - chunks of fresh pomelo, steamed prawns, herbal Protonix, Online buying Protonix, steamed pork, dried cuttlefish, Protonix recreational, Protonix dangers, sesame seeds, chillis and fresh herbs - followed by a plate of cha ca, buy generic Protonix. The latter was not served Hanoi style (on a hot plate, accompanied by rice paper) but in a bowl, with steamed rice noodles and an interesting fish-sauce-based dressing, Buy Protonix Without Prescription. Protonix blogs, I asked for some extra fish and rice paper, to relive a bit of Hanoi, after Protonix. Ordering Protonix online, The owner of the restaurant was apparently watching us, because she strolled over and said, Protonix cost, Where can i order Protonix without prescription, "you must have been to Vietnam, because you are very familiar with our food." It was a nice observation, online buying Protonix hcl, Doses Protonix work, if not completely true, and as though she knew it, Protonix dosage, Order Protonix no prescription, she kindly offered a few pointers to enhance my education.

My beverage was lime juice, purchase Protonix, Order Protonix from mexican pharmacy, which is my favourite potable in Singapore. It's always a little too sweet, Protonix brand name, Protonix from canada, but when served with lots of ice, it becomes better and better as it cools, what is Protonix. Buy Protonix Without Prescription, Beverages here in general are corrosively sweet. Protonix use, Some of them - bright greens and pinks - even look like liquid candy. And just try getting an unsweetened cup of coffee or tea outside a café or Chinese restaurant, fast shipping Protonix. Protonix maximum dosage, Asian desserts, on the other hand, Protonix steet value, Purchase Protonix online no prescription, are barely sweet at all. Chinese pastries are puffy and breadlike with just a hint of sweetness, buying Protonix online over the counter. Generic Protonix, Many Indian candies have the consistency and taste of pie crust. And Singaporeans moderate the sweetness of ice cream, Protonix alternatives, Protonix online cod, for example, by serving it in a slice of bread, canada, mexico, india. Actual white bread (with a little food colouring added). Now that's an ice cream sandwich.

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Buy Celexa Without Prescription, I was in thailand for 28 hours over the weekend - from touchdown to takeoff. The occasion was a stag party for one of my colleagues, online Celexa without a prescription, Celexa canada, mexico, india, who's flying back to the states to get married next week.

Bangkok was hot, Celexa samples. Buy Celexa without prescription, Skin-melting hot.

The air is hot, Celexa price, coupon. The earth is hot, Buy Celexa Without Prescription. Cheap Celexa no rx, You can feel the pavement through your shoes. Thai food, buy no prescription Celexa online, Cheap Celexa, of course, is hot, where can i cheapest Celexa online. Buy Celexa without a prescription, And Thai women...

Well, Celexa over the counter, Celexa reviews, I don't like to generalise about such things. Buy Celexa Without Prescription, But it was a stag party after all, so I had to say it.

The highlights of the weekend were a broken windshield and a chili shot, Celexa duration. Celexa trusted pharmacy reviews, We played golf in the afternoon on a nine hole par three course designed as a miniaturised sampling of famous courses around the world. We had caddies, Celexa coupon, Celexa from mexico, which was a first for all of us, but it's basically mandatory in Thailand, order Celexa from United States pharmacy. Celexa natural, These were a bunch of giggling women who knew their golf, and their golfers, order Celexa online overnight delivery no prescription.

For the first couple of holes, I second-guessed my caddy's club choices, with bad results, Buy Celexa Without Prescription. About Celexa, So I followed her advice for the rest of the round. She also gave me quite a bit of coaching along the way, order Celexa online c.o.d. Rx free Celexa, I'm no golfer, and I needed it, buy Celexa no prescription. Buy Celexa from canada, Andy hooked his drive off the seventh tee and could only watch as the ball veered toward the adjacent highway. Buy Celexa Without Prescription, We lost sight of it then heard the one sound we didn't want to hear. The crunch of safety glass smashing, where to buy Celexa. Buy Celexa online cod, The ball took out the windshield of a passing truck. The truck stopped, buy cheap Celexa no rx. Get Celexa, The driver got out to survey the damage and perhaps identify the culprit. We stood around like idiots until the caddies frantically ordered us to keep playing, Buy Celexa Without Prescription.

Jeff, Celexa wiki, Celexa no prescription, the bachelor, won the day, Celexa gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Low dose Celexa, As it should be.

After golf, comprar en línea Celexa, comprar Celexa baratos, Buy Celexa online no prescription, we had dinner at Cabbages & Condoms, a well-known restaurant whose profits benefit various aids research and reproductive rights initiatives, Celexa street price. It's so named because its founders believe that birth control should be as available and accepted as produce. Buy Celexa Without Prescription, We were a very sort of calm and well-behaved group of men when we sat down to eat, which was somewhat worrisome. Once the alcohol began to flow, however, things deteriorated nicely.

Bharat, trying to reassert his manhood after polishing off a blue girly drink, ordered a shot of tequila and dropped a big slice of a very hot chili into it. He downed the shot and chewed the chili and never blinked an eye. Damn.

After dinner... well... that's where this story will end.

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Buy Avapro Without Prescription, I had to report to CLEO's offices today for an "image consultation" and briefing about the "bachelors finale". I came straight from a meeting in the city, buy Avapro from mexico, Avapro treatment, so I arrived in a shirt and tie. A lavender-coloured Hugo Boss shirt and a lavender-striped tie by Michael Kors, Avapro class. Effects of Avapro, I looked damn good if I do say so myself.

About half the guys were there, online buy Avapro without a prescription, Avapro pics, in the full range of attire. Everything from low-rider jeans and baggy cotton t-shirts to slick club clothes, Buy Avapro Without Prescription. Boys mostly, where can i find Avapro online, Australia, uk, us, usa, struggling mightily to grow small soul patches or sideburns. Call me uncle bachelor, my Avapro experience. Avapro from canadian pharmacy, I arrived just short of fashionably late - about 15 minutes or so - which was good timing, as I took the last remaining chair, taking Avapro. Avapro used for, Five or six guys straggled in after me and had to stand. Buy Avapro Without Prescription, We sat around in silence, basically trying to avoid making eye-contact with each other. Perhaps we were all embarassed to be there, no prescription Avapro online. Kjøpe Avapro på nett, köpa Avapro online, Perhaps the context - of eligible bachelorhood, of 25 cute guys forced to gather in a room - made us all suddenly homophobic, where can i buy cheapest Avapro online. Avapro without prescription, After a seemingly endless awkward silence, the editor-in-chief of CLEO began to brief us on what to expect next.., Avapro long term. Avapro overnight,

  • An "image consultation" (immediately following the briefing)

  • A fitting

  • Catwalk coaching

  • Publication of the magazine

  • A mall event, to greet our "fans"

  • A rehearsal for the "finale"

  • The finale

  • She was a very put-together asian woman in a perfectly-tailored black dress that was neither too work nor too after work, Avapro photos. She wore dark-rimmed, nerd-chic power glasses and the perfect amount of makeup, Buy Avapro Without Prescription. Avapro australia, uk, us, usa, Exactly what you'd expect from the editor-and-chief of a women's fashion magazine.

    She surveyed the group and told us we looked "shell-shocked", purchase Avapro online. Avapro description, She also told us to hit the gym...Immediately. Great, where can i buy Avapro online. Buy Avapro Without Prescription, The image consultation was done individually. Avapro price, Basically, five women looked me over and told me, Avapro mg, Avapro for sale, "your hair works fine" (which is good, because I don't have any), japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Is Avapro addictive, They asked me to "walk like you do when you're just walking down the street" (which is impossible when five women are evaluating how you walk). Apparently I walk fine, Avapro pharmacy. Avapro schedule, I asked one of the women to show me what an unacceptable walk would look like, and she sort of jerked across the room knockkneed like a half-paralytic, Avapro results. Real brand Avapro online, They measured my waist and my chest, asked me a couple more questions and sent me on my way, discount Avapro. Is Avapro safe, Not unlike a sort of surreal medical check-up really.

    I want the souvenir, Avapro no rx, but I so don't want to do this. (just three more weeks, just three more weeks).

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    I saw a dance performance tonight at the Esplanade by Shen Wei Buy Omnicef Without Prescription, , a Chinese choreographer now based in New York. The first piece was called The Rite of Spring, Omnicef images, Omnicef dose, after the Stravinsky piece.

    The choreographer describes the piece as, buy cheap Omnicef, Omnicef interactions, essentially, an exploration of the music itself:

    When I first heard Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring in China in 1989, purchase Omnicef for sale, Omnicef forum, I was enthralled by the rich and evocative texture of the score. Over the next 12 years I continued to develop a creative interest in the piece, Omnicef without a prescription, Buy Omnicef without prescription, finally beginning in-depth research of the music in the winter of 2001. I was further inspired when I heard Fazil Say's performance of the two-piano version of the score.., Omnicef trusted pharmacy reviews.

    The Stravinsky score is constructed with both technical complexity and narrative passion, Buy Omnicef Without Prescription. Generic Omnicef, However, in keeping with my interest in abstraction, Omnicef pics, Omnicef coupon, it is only the melodic and rhythmic qualities of the music, rather than the story it tells, where to buy Omnicef, Omnicef steet value, which inform the choice of movement vocabulary..."

    Shen Wei's roots are in Chinese Opera, and he's used that foundation to develop a unique physical vocabulary, canada, mexico, india. Order Omnicef from United States pharmacy, I'm not sure how to describe it exactly, except perhaps to say it involves a separation of upper and lower body - each following and creating a variation on the other - unlike anything I'd seen before, buy no prescription Omnicef online. Real brand Omnicef online, To pull this off, his dancers had to be physically amazing, buy generic Omnicef, Omnicef without prescription, and they were.

    The second piece was called Folding, buy Omnicef without a prescription, Omnicef online cod, and it was much more of a visual tableaux than a physical performance. Buy Omnicef Without Prescription, The backdrop was a blown-up Chinese painting of a fish, and the stage was framed at the edges by billowing columns of white cloth.

    Accompanied by droning Tibetan chants, Omnicef no prescription, Omnicef blogs, the dancers emerged into the painting very slowly, two-at-a-time, where can i order Omnicef without prescription, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, one holding the other. Their torsos and faces were painted white, purchase Omnicef online no prescription, Omnicef from mexico, and they wore thick skirts of black or red cloth.

    The most stunning moment came at the end, get Omnicef. Buying Omnicef online over the counter, With the stage nearly dark, the dancers gathered in the center, my Omnicef experience, Purchase Omnicef, turned and walked together toward the back. At the back of the stage, Omnicef brand name, Effects of Omnicef, they began to rise very slowly - almost imperceptably at first - into the air. Until they all seemed to be floating, Omnicef interactions.

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    Buy Fucidin Without Prescription, I'm back in the little lion city state after a week in San Francisco. In the end, Fucidin schedule, Fucidin from canada, I was able to get one night of well-needed sleep, although I undid the healing effects a little the next night, herbal Fucidin, Fucidin photos, via several bottles of wine and three friends in my hotel room.

    On Saturday, online buying Fucidin hcl, Fucidin recreational, right before I left, my friend Leilani asked me what I will miss about Singapore when I leave it for good (assuming I do), Fucidin no rx. Buy Fucidin from canada, I struggled for a minute to come up with anything, which has nothing to do with Singapore and its charms, rx free Fucidin, Online Fucidin without a prescription, per se. It has everything to do with the city I left - San Francisco, cheap Fucidin.

    After a minute, I was able to think of just one thing: the swimming pool at my apartment complex, Buy Fucidin Without Prescription. Fucidin duration, Now, bear in mind I was about to leave a city I love and embark once again into the land of Mordor that is the project I'm working on here.* So, Fucidin cost, Fucidin description, my answer was hardly fair to Singapore. This is a lovely place, what is Fucidin, Fucidin treatment, and there are things I will surely miss.

    I will miss the delicious after hours food in Geylang and along my own River Valley Road, Fucidin forum. Order Fucidin online c.o.d, I will miss the fact there is an "after-hours" at all. Buy Fucidin Without Prescription, I will miss t-shirt weather. Most of all, Fucidin pharmacy, Order Fucidin no prescription, I will miss being able to hop on a plane to Bali, Thailand, Fucidin dose, Where can i cheapest Fucidin online, Malaysia, Vietnam or one of a half-dozen other amazing places on a Friday and be back by Monday, taking Fucidin. Fucidin maximum dosage, *I'm suddenly feeling the need to qualify that statement, so I will say that this project is not like Mordor so much as it is like the ring quest itself, Fucidin from canadian pharmacy. Fucidin dangers, It has taken this team to its limits. We are a tired and broken bunch, Fucidin wiki. Fucidin results, We have promised a lot, and the client has challenged us to deliver even more, Fucidin gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buy Fucidin online cod, It's something that happens on every project in this business, but I will be honest and say that we feel a painful lack of appreciation for the hard, cheap Fucidin no rx, About Fucidin, hard work we've done.. After Fucidin. Fucidin over the counter. Fucidin class.

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    Buy Eurax Without Prescription, A funny spam from my boss. Probably nothing new to Singaporeans, but as Homer Simpson might say, Eurax for sale, "It's funny cuz it's true!"

    The following signs suggest you've been in Singapore too long, Eurax without a prescription, especially if you come from a Western country...

    You've lost your sense of irony, sarcasm, buy cheap Eurax no rx, and cynicism. Purchase Eurax online, You don't know what's lame and what isn't anymore.

    You think there's nothing wrong with putting chili sauce on everything you eat.

    You wait for instructions from people in authority before doing anything, Buy Eurax Without Prescription. Always, purchase Eurax for sale.

    You join queues without knowing or caring what the queue is for. Eurax pictures, You know what "queue" means!.

    You can type an SMS on your phone as quickly as you would if you had a regular keyboard. Buy Eurax Without Prescription, Your idea of a good night out consists of having dinner at a hawker centre, drinking beer, and then going to another hawker centre and eating again.

    You've lost your ability to criticize people in higher positions than you, Eurax use, even if they're wrong. Is Eurax addictive, You accept that expressways here are cleaner than toilets rather than the other way around.

    You would buy a $20 product you don't need if it's on sale for $10 just to save the money.

    You forget to say the last consonant in words like "faCT", Eurax overnight, "aTE", Eurax images, etc.

    You think that corn and beans are dessert foods, Buy Eurax Without Prescription.

    You have a high tolerance for nagging.

    Most or all of these acronyms make sense to you: NUS; NTU; ERP; SDU; PAP; MRT; LKY; GCT; PRC; TIBS; SBS; SMS; JB; JBJ; AMK; AYE; PIE; ECP; ISD; ISA; 5 C's; CPF; CHIJMES; SPG; CWO, ordering Eurax online.

    You use too many acronyms when you talk, Eurax dosage, or you create new ones.

    You think that nothing makes a girl or guy more attractive than to dress exactly like hundreds of thousands of other girls and guys who all dress exactly like girls and guys in malls. Buy Eurax Without Prescription, You think that $100,000 is a reasonable price for a Toyota Corolla and $1,000,000 is a reasonable price for a bungalow, but $5 for a plate of fried noodles is a barbarous outrage.

    You believe that not being able to get decent roti prata outside Singapore is enough to keep the best and the brightest people from leaving, discount Eurax.

    You see nothing wrong with forming committees of select elite people to deliberate and study ways to stimulate creativity and spontaneity. Comprar en línea Eurax, comprar Eurax baratos, You justify every argument with the phrase "in order for us to be competitive in the 21st century".

    You think everything should be "topped up".

    You believe that a lack of land is enough justification for the goverment to do what it wants, Buy Eurax Without Prescription.

    You wear winter clothes indoors and summer clothes outdoors, online buying Eurax.

    Durian and belachan no longer stink to you. Eurax long term, You like to have fun, but not too much fun, since you need to correctly gauge the amount of fun necessary to achieve the optimal result, order Eurax from mexican pharmacy. Any more fun that that would bring shame to your family and your country. Buy Eurax Without Prescription, You forgot what a city organized around a grid looks like. Eurax street price, In a country where people use smart cards for public transit, you have no problem with construction workers riding in the open backs of pickup trucks.

    You think paying $50 for a bottle of booze that costs $15 at home is a bargain, kjøpe Eurax på nett, köpa Eurax online.

    You're not confused by a street naming system that locates streets like Clementi Road, Eurax canada, mexico, india, Clementi Street, Clementi Crescent, Clementi Lane, is Eurax safe, Clementi Drive, Buy Eurax from mexico, Clementi Way, and Clementi Avenues 1, 2, where can i buy Eurax online, 3, Where can i buy cheapest Eurax online, 4, 5, 6, low dose Eurax, and 7 all within walking distance of each other. Fast shipping Eurax, You get irritated if you don't see a sign telling you how long your wait's going to be for a bus, a train, or the expressway to take you where you want to go, where can i find Eurax online.

    You think that no vegetable should ever be eaten raw for any reason, Buy Eurax Without Prescription. Except for cucumbers. Online buy Eurax without a prescription, No matter what you're doing at the moment, you'd rather be shopping.

    You forgot what chewing gum tastes like, no prescription Eurax online.

    You say "handphone", Eurax natural, not "cellphone" And you think there's no such thing as a handphone that's too thin. Buy Eurax Without Prescription, You're not bothered by the fact that government cares whether you know how to use a toilet or urinal correctly. (People squatting on toilet bowls. What the...???--ed.)

    You're sure that the best way to change social behaviour is through consistent and comprehensive government-sponsored campaigns that permeate as many aspects of daily life as possible, buy Eurax online no prescription. And when they don't work, Doses Eurax work, you never speak of them again.

    You think a bus is incomplete without a TV.

    You know why this list needs the following disclaimer:
    "This list is intended only as an amusing, order Eurax online overnight delivery no prescription, light-hearted, Eurax australia, uk, us, usa, and exaggerated look at life in Singapore and is not meant to be taken seriously. There is no intention on the part of the author of this list to make any untrue, misleading, australia, uk, us, usa, or defamatory statements concerning any person in particular, nor to make any statement intended to cause offense. If any such offense has been caused, the author apologizes and retracts the offending statement. In any event, the author's NOT WORTH SUING, so don't trouble yourself.".

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