ulu watu and sunset at blue point

Early Saturday morning, D called me to tell me she was coming to Bali. She had originally planned to just make a surprise appearance but then thought it would be smart to call and confirm. She asked me whether it was okay, and during the pause that followed, she told me that in any case she was already at the Changi airport and her plane would be boarding soon. So… surprise!

I have to admit I was not happy about it. Ketut had planned a packed day of sightseeing for me, hours away from my hotel, and I suddenly felt forced to cancel that and pick D up at the airport at noon. I apoligised to Ketut, and we improvised a new plan. He took me to Sanur to watch the paragliders for an hour or so, then we made our way to the Denpasar airport.

After we picked D up and checked her into the hotel, I got over my mild disappointment, and we headed down to Jimbaran Bay for a fresh seafood lunch and a quiet seaside stroll. After that, Ketut took us to the beautiful cliff-top Ulu Watu temple and hooked us up with a crazy guide named Wayan. Wayan promised to fend off the monkeys there for us, which he did with an apparently magic little blue stone figurine. These monkeys that seemed to have no fear at all (there were camera parts, hair ties, handbag straps, etc. all over the place) would literally bolt at the site of this little blue figurine.

Here’s the view from Ulu Watu – sorry about the guy standing in the way:

After Ulu Watu temple, we headed to a resort called Blue Point – ten minutes away. An Australian couple had told me the pool there is the best place in the world to watch the sunset. We paid US $8.50 as outside guests, to cool off in an amazing pool that overhangs the Indian Ocean…

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