Travel Channel uses Kyte to power “No Reservations” Facebook app

Kyte’s super-simple content production features are perfect for engaging fans of a show like Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, so it’s cool to see how the Travel Channel used the Kyte platform to power their new “No Reservations: Hungry for More” Facebook app. Foodies are passionate people, and Bourdain has a way of provoking them, which should bode well for this UGC campaign.

The Hungry for More application allows people to share their favorite food, travel and culture-related experiences and then pits them against each other in a competition to create the best reviews.

To add your own review, you simply search for a business…


Click on a big review button…


Then… and this is where Kyte comes in… you can upload pictures or a video file, or click to fire up your webcam and record something on the spot. Once you select a file (or a set of pictures, which Kyte will automatically stitch into a slide show), it’s just one more click to broadcast it.


So get started, and see how your schtick stacks up against Bourdain himself, whose own reviews are starting to make their way onto the map…


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  1. I was in a meeting yesterday with a technology dude from a major record company. He was on and on and on about the kyte transcoder. Is it awesome?

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