2 ways to monitor buzz with Yahoo! Pipes

Yahoo PipesIn my last post, I mentioned that you can use Yahoo Pipes as a buzz-watching tool. Today I made three short videos to illustrate how it’s done. As the title of this post suggests though (and as I also discussed in my last post), there are two different strategies for monitoring buzz: searching and curating.

To recap, searching is just what it sounds like. In the context of buzz monitoring, it means scanning sources known and unknown for mentions of the things (brands, companies, etc.) you are following. Curating means monitoring a handpicked set of (influential) sources – perhaps just monitoring them in general, but also looking for mentions.

  • Video #1 covers the searching strategy and shows you how to grab feeds from sources like Google Blog Search and Technorati and combine them using Yahoo Pipes.
  • Video #2 continues from #1 and shows you how to remove any duplicate posts from the combined feeds.
  • Video #3 covers the curating strategy and shows you how to search for keywords across a handpicked list of blogs.