Chad is a douchebag

Chad from the Alltel commercials

Am I the only one who wants to punch my TV whenever I see Chad on those Alltel commercials? He reminds me of the pretty rich boy from every teen movie – the one who dates the popular girl, drives a fancy car and treats everyone around him like shit. It doesn’t help that the other characters in the commercials are the kinds of lovable geeks we remember fondly from those same movies.

Wouldn’t the Alltel commercials be much better if the archetypes were reversed – one scrappy geek vs. the big popular kids – and we could root for the underdog? Wouldn’t that make much more sense, since Alltel is an underdog company in its industry?

Even Alltel seems to sort of think so, based on the fact that the geeks (who represent other mobile phone companies) are the main focus of each commercial – because they’re funny – while Chad gets barely a frame and has almost no lines.

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