McDelivery for the extreme couch potato

I haven’t watched a lot of tv in Singapore, but the other night I saw the end of an episode of Singapore Idol, and it was interesting to note that all the voiceovers – mostly naming sponsors – were spoken by an American. Everything else on the show (except for the, well, entire concept) seemed to be localised.

A couple nights before that, I watched a show that some of my colleagues are referring to as “Singapore Baywatch”. I don’t remember the actual title, but the premise involves the entire cast spending a lot of time in bathing suits – hence the nickname. Basically it’s a drama about competitive swimmers that airs nightly. Like many asian dramas, the video quality is poor, the acting is melodramatic, and the sountrack might as well be a ringtone playing in the background. If I was even tempted to sit home every night, this would be enough to keep me off the couch and on the town.

Finally, since Saturday evening’s plan to meet my friends for a little food, followed by some Hari Raya fun was pushed back a few hours, I cooked a little dinner for myself for the first time since I’ve been here. I flipped through channels while I was eating, and during a break in The Simpsons, I saw a commercial for McDelivery. Aparently McDonalds here will deliver a double-cheeseburger to your doorstep, so you don’t even have to burn the calories it takes to start your car.

I chuckled aloud when the next commercial was for a weight-loss center.

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  1. that singapore baywatch show is very popular among my friends, they watched it religiously, lol

    i saw you in my referrers so i checked your page out, thanks for adding me to your links 😀 i’m adding you too

  2. I should say that in spite of the poor production values and my less than stellar review, I could actually imagine the show (still don’t know the title) becoming a guilty pleasure. I just didn’t want to admit it :o)

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