(far) eastward bound

For some reason we can’t remember, we decided to fly Singapore Airlines out of LAX instead of SFO, which meant we had to create our own connecting flight on the front end. It meant we could fly from the US to Singapore nonstop, but it also added a few hours to the overall journey.

A quick poll of the team suggests this route was the client’s recommendation. We followed it without questioning it, and Tracy and I vowed to take this as a lesson learned. We want to bring imagination and brave new thinking to this project, and we won’t do that if we just blindly follow the recommendations of others.

Tracy: Before (looking fabulous) Tracy: After (looking only slightly less fabulous)

2 Replies to “(far) eastward bound

  1. of course i have to 2nd that sentiment from the 30th floor with shawn 15 floors below, now having calculated a 3 hour reduction in our 24 hour travel time, with a 15 hour time difference and 1 day ahead, while trying to stay up just 8 more hours to adjust to the new dd-mm-yy.

  2. Trace, impressed by your math after so much travel. Glad you are there, safe and sound. Knock ’em out!

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