sunset on the mekong

I have to revise my earlier prediction about updating this blog. As it turns out, not only are there Internet cafes everywhere, but I’m actually motivated to take the time to post.

For about a dollar, I had an amazing dinner beside the Mekong River this evening. It was a kind of warm noodle salad with all kinds of vegetables, chilis, fruits and some slices of the local style pork sausage all mixed together. My beverage was a blended smoothie of fresh pineapple and orange juices. My ambiance was a dry and comfortable 77 degree (25C) evening temperature and the sun setting over the Mekong River.

My company varied. A Cambodian consultant to the local power company saw my beverage and ordered the same. I invited him to sit, and we chatted for a while – mostly about the history of the region, and in particular about Thailand’s and Vietnam’s various encroachments on Cambodia.

He left, and a Japanese woman strolled up a few minutes later. She was wearing a Razorfish t-shirt, so I took the opportunity to practice my Japanese. I told her that I worked for Razorfish, and I asked her whether she worked in our affiliated Tokyo office. Apparently, Razorfish has branched out into a kind of minor fashion label in Japan.

Anyway, the stereotype says that the Japanese travel in large camera-toting groups, but I’ve seen numerous solo Japanese tourists on this trip. Come to think of it, solo touring has been a common plot component in many of the Japanese novels I’ve read. So much for stereotypes.