Back on the grid

Two weeks in New Zealand and only one blog post? And kind of a terrible one at that. Several points in my defense (defence, in Kiwi)…

  • I didn’t bring my laptop, and even if I had, free WiFi in New Zealand was as rare as hen’s teeth.
  • Three of the four hotels I stayed in during the trip had computer terminals for guest use, but the first (Westin, Auckland) had just one – with a time limit; the second (Heritage, Queenstown) had just two and charged by the minute, to a maximum of 15 minutes; the third had four Internet “kiosks” with limited functionality.
  • New Zealand is all about bungee jumping, tramping, jet-boating, wine-tasting and sheep farming. Warming a chair in front of a computer is not encouraged.

Anyway, I’m back. I’m going through my thoughts and my pictures, and I’ll try to post some highlights later tonight and this week.