Pelosi: Too Conservative?

When the folks in “real America” want to make a point of distinguishing themselves from the rest of us, they often spit words like French, European, elite, socialist and of course San Francisco and Nancy Pelosi. SNL captured this sentiment pretty well:

Now, I live in San Francisco and Nancy Pelosi is my representative, and while I think the right’s characterizations of her are simplistic, exaggerated and unfair, I was very surprised to receive a robocall from Rosanne Barr the other night urging me to dump Pelosi, especially when I realized that Barr was saying Pelosi is not liberal enough. Specifically Barr declares, Pelosi is “a collaborator with a criminal administration.”

Pelosi’s biggest mistake, in my mind, was to have stated upon assuming her position as Speaker of the House that “impeachment is off the table.” People understood her to be, in effect, giving the Bush Administration a free pass, but Pelosi was only being pragmatic. Regardless of what you think Bush and Cheney deserve (impeachment, a war crimes trial), the Democrats hold the slimmest majority in Congress, and there’s no way they have the votes to impeach. She recognized it as a hopless cause that would only make it impossible to push anything else on the Democratic legislative agenda.

Rosanne’s candidate, by the way, is Cindy Sheehan.