Since I’ve been back in San Francisco, I’ve completely neglected my blog. One posting every two or three weeks is not what I’m aiming for. It’s not like I’m lacking material. What I’m lacking is the proper state of mind.

As a foreigner in foreign lands, my mind was in a constant and hightened state of discovery. By virtue of the fact that I was new there, everything there seemed new to me. Even things I can empirically say weren’t new at all.

Despite a demanding client and a gruelling schedule, I was able to write something nearly every day.

The thing is, I’m still more or less a rookie when it comes to San Francisco living, and I experience new things here all the time. So, like I said, I’m not lacking material.

As evidence, I present a short list of the things I did during my first week back (a whole month ago now). All of them absolutely new to me (except Zeitgeist, an old favorite)…

Thursday (the night I arrived), I went to a Laughing Squid party at Albion Castle.

Friday, I met Blake for beer on the legendary back patio at Zeitgeist.

Saturday, I went to The Ramp with Amy for a big greasy breakfast of corned beef hash and eggs.

Tuesday, I met Blake and Jeff for a coupla pints and a hearty shepherd’s pie at The Liberties Pub.

Thursday was Cesar’s going away party at Lime.

Friday, I went to a benefit show at SOMArts Christy presented one of the solos from a piece she staged back in December. The dancer was a hip-hop specialist named Skorpio.

Plenty of material. I just need to find right mind.