Ripple effect

It’s one of those mornings. As I was getting dressed, I checked the Internetz to see when the next 9 or 19 buses were coming, and it went something like this: 3 min, 11 min, 54 min. Making the first one would be impossible, and the last one would get me to work way too late. So I had to try to make the middle one. Which meant skipping breakfast and running to the stop. Which meant I was hungry when I got to the office, so I stopped into the SoMa Coffee for a muffin. But I had no cash on me, so the dude behind the counter sent me down the street to the ATM at Ted’s Market… which turned out to be out of order.

Now, this part of town sucks for food options, much less banks and ATMs. So I wandered about 6 blocks north until I found a Bank of America branch.

Got my cash. Got my breakfast. Got to work.


2 Replies to “Ripple effect

  1. moral of the story: It is a Bank of America advertisement. This is a new low in…in…in the big company targeting the little man consumer, like me, just trying to read a small honest blog: Those bastards must have hacked your blog and smuggled this quaint little advert in.

    Though, I am, and always will be, a Bank of America man. Their new-ish flag logo with the graphic parcels-of-American-farm-land look is so so sweeeeeeetly fallow for my seeds (dollars).

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