cancer sticks and pottie pie

Singapore, of course, is notorious for being being a boringly sterile land of laws. I’ll have to get back to you on that, but in such a harsh legal climate, one would expect smoking to be outlawed. It’s not, but you could say it’s strongly discouraged:

The cigarette packs themselves convey a pretty strong anti-smoking message. Rather than a wordy Surgeon General’s warning (USA) or a direct declaration like “SMOKING KILLS” (UK and Canada), the packs here devote half their surface area to actual pictures of mouth cancer… ew.

My first impression of Singapore, actually, is that it’s a boringly sterile land of malls. Last night, for example, we asked our concierge to recommend a nice restaurant that wasn’t inside a mall, and he said, “all of our restaurants are in malls. It’s the Singapore way.” I suppose it’s not such a bad thing, considering the good stuff you can get in the food courts here… yum:

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  1. I have noticed a growing trend in the sale of stickers and cigarette package sleeves to cover the graphic pictures on the manufacturers packaging.

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