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For this weekend’s trip to Malaysia, I’ll be joined by a few of my colleagues and a couple of their girlfriends. That’s a story in itself.

I didn’t want to be linked up to some random stranger, so I asked my colleague, Betts, if he was interested in coming along as my dive buddy. He said he was interested but reminded me that his girlfriend would be arriving in Singapore in a few days, and so obviously he’d like to bring her along. Cool, but I still needed a dive buddy.

So I asked another colleague, Robb, if he was interested. He said he was, but told me that his girlfriend would also be arriving in Singapore in a few days, and he’d obviously like to bring her along. The more the merrier, but I still needed a dive buddy.

Right after I talked to Robb, who lives across the hall from me in Fraser Suites, I returned to my apartment with a plan to send out some calls for a female dive buddy, to make things…well…symetrical. I immediately thought of Sharon – a woman I met a few months ago who’s a big diver and once texted me to say provocatively “I’d love to get wet anytime.” (talking about diving, you dirty monkeys).

I also thought about Maiko, a beautiful Japanese woman I met recently. She’s in Singapore for a short time, scuba-certified, and seems like she would be open to an adventure.

But when I picked up my phone to make the first call, I saw that I’d missed a couple of calls while I was at Robb’s place. The first was from my colleague, Minh, our project manager.

Putting business first (when will I learn?), I called him back. He said, “hey, I want to go diving with you guys.”

He’s not pretty, but now he’s my dive buddy.

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