goodbye for now

I’m leaving today.

I’ve packed up my humble home of six months, and I’m ready to board my flight back to San Francisco. I have so many feelings swirling around inside me that I can’t tell whether the balance is ultimately tipping towards happy or sad.

Only my Singapore colleagues will really appreciate this, but after six months, I still don’t have a pass to the offices of my client (a major airline). We filled out all the requisite forms months ago. Since then, we’ve waited. In the meantime, every day for the past six months we have stopped at the security gate, queued for 15 minutes and exhanged our passports for one-day visitor passes.

Yesterday, on my last day, after wrapping up a landmark meeting with the chairman and CEO of the company, I received word that our passes have been prepared and will be available Monday.

Six months and four days too late.