hari raya in geylang serai

So, shopping and more shopping. The Hari Raya celebration, too, was all about shopping. Geylang Serai last night was basically a big clearance sale. It was wall-to-wall people and nearly impossible to get around.

Crossing a street during a break in auto traffic was a bit like walking into heavy surf or an epic battle scene from Braveheart or Troy or [pick your favorite ancient period piece]. We’d watch people gather on the other side of the intersection, facing us, and then suddenly traffic would stop and the two opposing crowds would surge toward each other. We bailed, but not before having a thai coconut.

We headed to Boat Quay for a few beers and finished our evening on Mohammed Sultan after a few more.

2 Replies to “hari raya in geylang serai

  1. It’s really a jungle out there in these festive seasons. Stampede everywhere. Next stampede – Orchard Road for the Christmas celebration. Oh, I got here via Dew’s site.

  2. geylang now is so dirty and wet.not like last time,…it is very packed with people of the older generation instead of the younger one for example the teenagers.they prefer places such as orchard or suntec.me as a teenager as well,dont really often go there to shop for goods.it is because most of the things there has unreasonable prices.some goods there also cheat the buyers as the spoiled ones are hidden inside the ones that are fresh so as to persuade the customers to buy it.i am only trying o reflect the traders or sellers because it may affect the malay community to go there.i hope,. when the rernovations and the renew of geylang occurs,..the younger malay generation will spend their time there.no offence bye!!

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