high bar

I left Thavy a voicemail on Thursday night, not knowing she’s in Japan until next week. By coincidence, her friend Shelly called me Friday to see if I wanted to meet her at New Asia.

Although I’d heard good things about it, I hadn’t been there before. It’s part of the equinox complex and located 70 storeys above the street, in the SwissĂ´tel Stamford, so you get a birdseye view of the Raffles Hotel and nice views of the city in general. We also got to watch a brief but dramatic lightning storm, which was gorgeous after a few drinks. The scenery inside was alright too – a young, beautiful crowd. The place was pretty packed by ten o’clock, which is very early by Singapore standards. The crowd had good energy, the sound was top notch, and we hung around til 1:00 or so.

We finished the night a few hours later at Insomnia, where the usual house band was belting out the usual covers.