Well, I’ve returned “home” to Singapore, and it’s going to take a bit of time for me to readjust – especially to Singapore prices. I went to the supermarket today to restock my kitchen, and I left empty-handed after about five minutes.

Yesterday in Hoi An, I paid US$0.40 for a whole, local, fresh-picked pineapple – including expert peeling, slicing and packaging. I was about to put one in my cart at Cold Storage this afternoon, before I noticed it was going to cost me S$5.50. It was Hawaiian – probably picked green, weeks ago, and chemically-treated.

In Hanoi, an amazing meal with a beer cost me US$5. In Hoi An an incredible plate of steamed fish cost less than half that. In Sapa, two nights in my hotel room cost me less than I’ve paid for a single bottle of beer in some Singapore bars. Seriously.

On the other hand, it was actually nice today to be in a clean taxi, on a road that has clear lanes – that drivers actually use – and not to see a single truck or bus bearing down on us head-on.

Anyway, more Vietnam stories – and pictures – coming soon.