hotel transit

I had to check out of Fraser Suites this morning, even though I’m not leaving Singapore until tomorrow.

After staying there for nine months (minus the Month of May), it seems my room was not available for one more night.

A while ago, Thavy said I could stay with her anytime I want, so I tried yesterday to take her up on her offer. She’s got a very comfortable (two-bedroom?) flat just down the road from Fraser Suites. She’s also a whiplash-inducing hottie of a girl, an amazing cook and an all around rockstar of a person.

Unfortuneately for me (but lovely for her), she’s stateside right now for her sister’s wedding.

So I’ve booked a room at Raffles, The Plaza, where my brother in law always stays. They’ve put me on the sixth floor of the North Tower, and my room faces a little garden with some bamboo and a flourishing rhododendron. There are no other rooms overlooking this garden – on the sixth floor anyway – so it feels like I’m in my own private villa.

Nice place to spend my last night in Singapore.

I had planned to travel a bit in the region – Cambodia or possibly Vietnam again – before returning home to San Francisco, but it’s the middle of the rainy season across this part of the globe. So between the gloomy weather and my utter eagerness to return home, I’m flying to San Francisco tomorrow.