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Friday night I went with D and some of her cabin crew friends to a club called Thumper. There were seven of us in all, and I bought the first round of drinks. Alcohol in Singapore is crazy expensive. The round of seven draft beers cost me around S$100. Lucky (or unlucky) for me, my round was followed by six beers paid for by my friends. One of whom knew a group of girls we met there celebrating a birthday – and in a happy enough mood to send a couple more drinks my way.

One of the birthday partiers was a magazine editor named Sally. Apparently, her magazine – cleo – is doing an “eligible bachelors of Singapore” piece, and she wants me to come in for an interview. I suspect it was just a ploy, but it would definitely qualify as my all-time best travel souvenir.

The nightlife in Singapore on the weekends just starts to get fun around 2:00, which is about when we left the very crowded Thumper and headed to a place called JJ Mahoney’s, where a decent cover band was belting out the standard Singapore potpourrie of genres. We danced for a while, and when I left, I had a few promises from the cabin crew for entry into the mile high club if I encounter them on a future long haul 🙂

I was in a bit of pain Saturday and probably should have spent a quiet evening at home. By eleven, I was settling in with a book – comfortable, if a bit bored – when Thavy happened to call. She was feeling about the same, and we talked ourselves into meeting for a calm night out. We actually ended up at Thumper, which was considerably less crowded than it had been on Friday night. A cover band was playing RnB hits, and a group of fashion models was getting groovy on the dance floor.

Thavy (and a bit of liquid courage) persuaded me to join the models on the floor. They looked to be a mix of Aussies, Americans and maybe Singaporeans or Chinese. I imagined them to be on a bit of a world tour. Anyway, they were good dancers all, and lovely to look at.

By 3:00, the place was packed. The band was finishing up and turning the entertainment over to a DJ. I danced and chatted for a while with a beautiful Chinese lawyer. Thavy actually thought I left with the lawyer and texted me a naughty message from her taxi home, cheering me on. I felt a bit bad that I let Thavy leave without me, but I talked to her this afternoon and all is well.

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