singapore redux

I’m back in Singapore.

It’s good to see my incredibly hardworking colleagues, and it’s been nice to begin to reconnect with my Singapore friends.

I met Thavy and Shelly the other night at Brix for a little dancing and a lot of alcohol. A new band called Bliss(?)was playing – I believe it was their first-ever show there – but their repertoire was basically the same as the usual house band. Still, they were more than competent. One of the singers was a killer on the bongos, and the guest rapper/singer who manned the mic for their second or third set was really good.

We watched some joyously terrible expat dancing, and exchanged theories about a diminutive caucasian man we observed with a tall, broad-shouldered asian ladyboy on his arm.

Essentially we were wondering whether he’d gone out seeking a ladyboy, whether or not he knew he was with a man, whether he was too drunk to tell, or care.