christmas in thailand

It’s Christmas day here, ahead of the US. I’ve tried a handful of times to reach Angie’s sister, but I haven’t had any luck, so it’s a solitary Christmas for me.

Christmas music is everywhere here, but this seems to be mostly for the benefit of the ex-pats and travellers. For the Thai people, Christmas is merely a reason to engage a passing foreigner with a smile and a holiday greeting. For those who are selling things, Christmas provides something to spice up the sales pitch: “Get something for mom, for wife.”

I heard many variations on that theme today. I went to the giant, sprawling weekend market and browsed handicrafts, clothing and kitchenware. I bought some gifts for friends and family and a pair of sandals for myself. I also sampled a number of small snacks, including a papaya salad with “pickled crab” and some amazing barbecued prawns, which I dipped in the ubiquitous chili sauce (the reason Singaporeans think Thai food is too “sour”). Seeking a little relief from the heat, I also had some coconut ice cream served with sticky rice, white gelatin cubes, roasted peanuts and a drizzle of condensed milk. White and icy, it was definitely the closest thing to snow I’ll find this season.

My dear friends and family, you are on my mind, and I hope you have a beautiful day when the sun rises on your side of the planet.

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  1. I’ve never met any Singaporean who found Thai food too sour, everyone I know loves it, except the poor sods who can’t take spicy food (yes, they do exist in Singapore).

    Meanwhile, although I should write this above rather than down here, I’ve really enjoyed reading about your recent travels, particularly to Laos. They keep my wanderlust alive while I’m stuck here at my desk all day.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I should clarify that it was a handful of older Singaporeans who mentioned to me that they thought the Thai food in Thailand was sour. I don’t want to make generalisations about Singaporeans in general.

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