My Work

This is a small but fair representation of work I have done, from high-level strategy down to detailed click-by-click requirements. I have worked in companies big and small, old and new, “in-house” and consulting, consumer and enterprise, on desktop and mobile experiences. I began working in User Experience before it had that label, and before it split into so many specialized fields. I am a generalist, and I gravitate towards projects where I can think holistically, from the standpoint of users and systems. If anything here is interesting and provokes your curiosity, there’s more I can share (and a whole lot more I can talk about) upon request.


head of product

Beckon was a data management and business intelligence tool for marketers, enabling businesses to connect and onboard data sources, transform and enrich data, and build reports and dashboards…


director of Ux

Kyte offered tools for creating and sharing interactive video content over mobile devices, including live-streaming features and enterprise-scale video content management…

Scout labs

director of ux

Scout Labs was a pioneering enterprise social media tool, enabling marketers to track and analyze engagement with their brands on social platforms and blogs…

singapore airlines

Ux lead

Singapore Airlines is one of the world’s premier brands. They were a latecomer to the world of self-service travel reservations, and they came to Razorfish with a project to build out all their online service capabilities…