Dubai to blow another wad

The fantasy known as Dubai, home of the world’s only 7-star hotel, is planning to burn another billion or so on what will be the world’s largest and tallest spanning arch bridge, The 6th Crossing:

dubai-bridge1.jpg (rendering by FXFOWLE)

Obscene displays of money are nothing new to Dubai, and why not? They might as well spend everything they can as fast as they can, because in 100 years I’m guessing Dubai will look something like…

dubai-desert.jpg (photo by daarkfire)

One Reply to “Dubai to blow another wad”

  1. In 1,000 years, the whole earth will look like a vast desert where McRib wrappers blow across the barren, Mad Max-style landscape like tumbleweeds. In 10,000 years, Starbucks will begin phase 3 of their dastardly plan to convert all of the earth’s sand and McRib wrappers into barbeque beef flavored espresso shots. Their backwards executives will control these operations from the new corporate headquarters located on Caffinotania, fifth planet in the Frappuverse system.

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