Yes People and No People

I’ve been stretched too thinly across a few big projects and trying for nearly three months to find a couple of qualified people to help me on the work I’m getting through EVB. Right now the market is hot for UX people, and the only ones who seem to be available are the totally un-hireable. I’ve interviewed some doozies.

Well, last week I finally found a couple of qualified, seemingly normal people who aren’t currently booked. We made them verbal offers and they accepted.

But one of them had some issues with the EVB contract. EVB went back and forth and back and forth with him for a week until they had enough.

It got me thinking about how some people seem to approach life with a ‘no’ attitude. They scrutinize things and question things as if the world is on a mission to screw them.

2 Replies to “Yes People and No People

  1. The evil, and the beauty, of contracts is that get in the way in the beginning of the love affair, and can be salvation if the divorce comes.

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