mummy’s choice

As my Sunday was getting started, I received a text message from a friend asking, “is it u in the papers 2day?”

I thought, oh god…

I grabbed my copy of the Sunday Times from outside my apartment door, and on the front page I quickly noticed the headline, Cleo’s eligible bachelors: He’s not mummy’s choice next to a photo of floorballer Lionel Sing (one of the Cleo 50). I flipped to the article and saw this…

I especially like the caption, and how I represent mummy’s idea of a “mature” partner. Here’s a key excerpt:

Her daughter is just 21-years-old, but Madam Chua Eng Keow thinks the 36-year-old Shawn Smith is the perfect date for her daughter… The 52-year-old housewife picked the IT consultant from the magazine’s list…and was unfazed by the 15-year age difference. Madam Chua chose Mr. Smith because she believes that, at 36, he would be more accommodating than a younger man.

‘At present, my daughter may want a younger boyfriend who can have fun with her, but I think when she grows older she’ll change her mind and prefer a more mature partner’

What, I’m too old to have fun?

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  1. My mom just emailed me to point out that the mom is closer to my age than the daughter. Thanks mom 😉

    (By the way, your arithmetic is a bit off. I’m actually 16-years younger than the mom)

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