new plan

I met a Malaysian woman at breakfast this morning, and she and I will head north tomorrow to the mountain villages around Sapa. She’s in Hanoi on a work assignment (travel & tourism industry). I’m guessing she’s close to fifty years old, but she calls herself a “girl”, seems to have a good sense of adventure and definitely has a good sense of humor. She took me to the Ho Chi Minh museum this morning and then dropped me off at the Temple of Literature.

Anyway, we’ll spend three days in Sapa, and then I’ll spend a couple of days in and around Halong Bay. After that, I may cut this trip a few days short and just head back to Singapore – if the cost of changing my itinerary is not too high, that is. I had planned to finish my journey down in Hue and Hoi An, but more and more it’s feeling pretty absurd to travel and have fun against the backdrop of the monumental natural disaster that has destroyed so many lives.

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  1. hi shawn
    i’ve been worried sick and am so glad to hear that you are just fine. you seem to have not skipped a beat, really, you scamp!
    your blog is wonderful.
    everything’s the usual back here, on the not-exactly-terrafirma cali coast.

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