northward bound

I visited the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Embassy today to apply for my visa. Last week I bought my plane ticket to Bangkok, and yesterday I booked my first two nights’ accommodation. I’m headed north for 17 days, starting next week.

I was overly ambitious when I began planning this trip. I had imagined travelling north from Bangkok toward Chiang Mai, then east into Laos, further east to Hanoi, south to Danang then west and north into Cambodia. That’s at least a two month itinerary I was trying to jam into just over two weeks.

My new plan is to fly to Hanoi after a few days in Bangkok and then travel south down the Vietnam coast at a liesurely pace. I’ll aim for Ho Chi Minh City and arrange a flight back to Singapore from there. If I don’t make it all the way down to HCMC, then I’ll see what kind of travel I can arrange out of Danang.

I’ll just have to save Laos and Cambodia for another time.

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